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*Please call for other options

Cheesecake Pops (minimum 25)

Creamy cheesecake pops, dipped in Callabaut milk chocolate, and decorated $2.50 each

Cheesecakes Topped with: (All sauces are my handmade) $45.00

Fresh raspberries and raspberry sauce

Fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce

Sea salt caramel sauce, crushed pecan English toffee, and chopped pecans

Bananas Foster

Chocolate fudge sauce, drizzled with raspberry sauce

Chocolate Platter

25 assorted truffles, 1 lb Pecan English Toffee $70.00

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pudding

Served hot, with vanilla ice cream (Serves 20-25) $60.00

Dr. Pepper Cake (serves 16) $45.00 (Three days notice required)
Awesome Brownies (16 per order)

Ghirardelli chocolate chunk, pecans, walnuts, topped with my caramel, pecans, and English Toffee pieces $35.00

Peach Cobbler

A wonderful peach cobbler in a white cake crust, that makes a peachy sweet sauce, served with vanilla ice cream (serves 20-25) $55.00


Coffee $12.00 gallon with condiments

Tea $8.00 gallon (sweet or unsweet)

Fresh squeezed lemonade $12.00 gallon