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Cheesecake Pops (minimum 25)

Creamy cheesecake pops, dipped in Call about milk chocolate, and decorated $2.50 each

Cheesecake, Topped with: (All sauces are my handmade, choose one) $45.00

Raspberry sauce,  or strawberry sauce, or Pecan English Toffee Topping with chopped pecans

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pudding

A dark chocolate brownie top crust, with gooey sauce underneath, served warm, with vanilla ice cream $60.00  Serves 20-25

Fresh Baked Assorted Cookies

1.5 oz, $9.00 dozen


Classic recipe, topped with our Pecan English Toffee topping  

Whole cake $85.00 Serves 24, Half cake $45.00, or $3.75 per person for catered dinners

Awesome Brownies (9” x 13”)

Dark chocolate chunk brownies, topped with my Pecan English Toffee topping and chopped pecans $35.00

Peach Cobbler

A wonderful peach cobbler in a white cake crust, that makes a peachy sweet sauce, served with vanilla ice cream (serves 20-25) $55.00


Coffee $12.00 gallon with condiments

Unsweet Tea   $8.00 gallon

Sweet Tea   $12.00 gallon

Fresh squeezed lemonade $12.00 gallon