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The Owners

Chocolate is truly the language of love for Choccolatte's owners Michele and Steve Parsons.

With one taste of their "World's Best Pecan English Toffee," you'll be swooning, too. Handmade using only the freshest, high-quality ingredients, the buttery treat is all-natural, gluten-free, and it smoothly dissolves in your mouth—without sticking to your teeth. No wonder it has such a delightful reputation.

The Shop

Toffee is just one of the must-try confections at the couple’s beautifully inviting shop, which offers a uniquely charming combination of other homemade chocolates and truffles along with gelato, coffee, and other gifts and jewelry—all of which create quite the decadent destination.

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But that's really only part of Choccolatte's sweet story. Steve opened the store in November 2009 out of pure passion to launch his own business after 25 years in the hospitality industry and make the best candies and chocolates around. Little did he know that he would find another happily ever after, too. Formerly a home décor stylist and floral designer, Michele worked in the same building as the shop and would come in daily to visit him and buy a caramel. A couple caramels—and a motorcycle ride—later and the couple were inseparable and engaged to be married.

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Now, combining their industry experience and talent, they spread all kinds of joy around. In addition to crafting their confections, they most enjoy meeting and greeting everyone who steps foot through their doors. They're also very involved in supporting the community and making donations to local charitable causes. You could say Michele and Steve have built quite the sweet little empire in Choccolatte's. Get set for a sugar rush!

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